Attendance Reports

Check out the different reports you can run

MomentPath offers a variety of Reports to help empower Administrators to make decisions and adjustments while saving time on daily operations. These reports help Administrators focus on what matters most. Depending on your center needs, you may find that you use some reports more than others. For example, if your center accepts CACFP you may benefit from the Meals Report and the Attendance Report. The Profile Report may help gather birthdays, allergies, or specific items from a user’s profile. Be sure to explore all of the reports currently available at your center!

Reports can be accessed from the “Reports” tab on the left-hand menu bar.

There are three different Attendance Reports you can run to help manage check ins and check outs. The first is the Attendance Grid. This report is your backup to MomentPath. If you are worried about being caught in a situation where you do not have internet connection or power, you may choose to print a physical Attendance Grid to keep track of check ins and outs for a short period of time.

Next, is the Attendance Report. This report will show you attendance by day based on the filters you apply. You may also filter this report by an individual child, a type of user, or a specific group. You may sort this report in a few different ways. This report will display the amount of time a child was in the center after their scheduled pick-up time. This can be a useful tool when determining if you need to assign a late pick up fee to a family.

Finally, you may choose to run an Attendance Report (Weekly View). This report will show an entire week's worth of check ins. This report will show you the child's birthday, schedule, and hours attended by day of the week. The Weekly View will also show you the total sum of hours a child was checked in during the week.

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Attendance Reports

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