Allergy Outlook & Important Notes

Learn how to keep track of allergies and important notes in MomentPath!


Being able to quickly identify allergies and important notes listed for a child in your care ranks pretty high in importance! Through the MomentPath mobile app, you can access this information with just one click. Once an allergy or important note is listed on a child’s Outlook profile field an indicator will appear to remind you.

Allergies are extremely important for all teachers in your center to be aware of. Whether the allergy is life-threatening or causes a rash, it is crucial for everyone to know which children have allergies.

To add an allergy to a child profile follow these steps:

1. Select the child’s profile tab, and scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Outlook Information” section.

2. If you click the “Outlook Information” dropdown, you will have the option to type in any Allergies or Important Notes a child may have.

3. If a child has any information entered into this section, you will be able to quickly identify the allergy or important note from the indicator shown by their name in the mobile app.

From the mobile app, click the Outlook card on your Now Screen.

Quickly view which children in your classroom have an allergy or an important note.

Click on the child’s name to view more detailed information


  • Allergy - Red cross
  • Important Notes - An “i” symbol


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