What Moment should I use?

Learn when to use specific moments to share specific updates

What Moment Type Should I Use?


  • Share a quick note with parents
  • Post a quick photo to a child's timeline
  • Capture information that may not fit in a different Moment type


  • Log diaper changes 
  • Log trips to the bathroom for older children 
  • Track potty training practice for students or log accidents


  • Log what time the class ate snack or lunch
  • Log what the class or an individual child ate and how much of their meal was consumed
  • Log bottles for infant classrooms
  • You can connect your menus to your moments



  • Log when a child lays down for a nap
  • Perform sleep checks 
  • Log whether a child slept, sat quietly, or did not sleep
  • Record when a child wakes from a nap


  • Record activities a child is participating in that were not part of your daily lesson plan
  • Share a photo of a child during independent play
  • Record how engaged a student was during an activity


  • Log the distribution of medication 
  • If a child needs to take medicine at the same time every day, you would log that here
  • If pre-approved, teachers can use the Medical moment to log sun screen applications


  • Track a child’s mood
  • Let parents know how their child is feeling at certain times of the day



  • Depending on your state, you can use the Incident moment to log incidents in your center
  • Record injuries incurred by a child
  • Log bite reports


  • Notify parents that their child needs to bring certain supplies
  • Make parents aware that their child is low on a supply


  • Share an update on a pre-planned lesson with parents
  • Share a photo or video of a child participating in their classroom curriculum


  • Log symptoms you see a child experiencing
  • Indicate abnormalities in a child's health
  • Indicate if additional medical care was requested or provided (such as a call to the school nurse or the child's doctor)


  • Log an accident such as a scraped knee
  • Log whether the nurse or a doctor was notified
  • Let the parent’s know when it happened and who helped 
  • Typically, this moment would log small injuries that would not be necessary to log an Incident for


  • Send out an urgent message to parents
  • Often used if school is canceled or ends early 
  • Easy to send out a center-wide alert 


  • Log a child’s ability to follow directions 
  • Notify the parents that their child struggled with directions 
  • Notify the parents that their child was rewarded for good behavior 

Health Check  

  • Perform a health check when a child arrives at the center
  • Screen for symptoms of a cold, the flu, and COVID-19
  • Keep track of the time when a child may have started feeling sick 
  • Log any symptoms 
  • Perform temperature checks 


  • Notify parents that a fire drill or lockdown drill took place 
  • Leave a comment pertaining to the drill

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What Moment should I use?

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