How do parents access the moments I am posting?

Learn the various way parents receive updates in MomentPath

At MomentPath, we strive to help our centers create an unparalleled experience for children and for family members. Today's parents crave information and updates, which can be provided by posting moments in the app. MomentPath offers a few different ways for parents to receive updates so they can stay informed in a way that works best for them.

Mobile App

Just like teachers, parents can download the MomentPath application from their device's app store. While parents cannot post moments, they can use the app to see their child's individual timeline, photos, updates, calendar, and billing status. Parents can access the mobile app at any time to see the moments being posted for their child in real-time. Parents can also use the Message Center to communicate with teachers and center directors.

Real-Time Notifications

Parents can also opt for real-time updates. When a teacher posts a moment, parents can choose to be notified immediately by text message, email, or push notification. While not all moments are eligible for real-time updates, many are. These updates help parents keep an eye on the areas of care that may be most concerned about. Real-time updates are also a great way to communicate to parents if they do not prefer to use the mobile app. This feature allows parents to be notified in a way that best fits their lifestyle.

End of Day Email Summary

When a child is checked out at the end of the day, MomentPath will automatically send parents an end of day email summary. This email contains summary statistics, important announcements, and a detailed timeline of their child's day. This email is designed to replace a standard paper daily sheet and surface important information to parents. This email is sent automatically when the child is checked out.

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How do parents access the moments I am posting?

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