Create a sleep moment and perform a sleep check

Explore Sleep moments and learn how to conduct a Sleep Check

Lesson Overview:

This lesson will teach us how to post a Sleep moment in MomentPath. Once a Sleep moment is started, teachers will be able to use the Sleep Check feature from the home screen to conduct sleep checks.

Learn how to conduct a sleep check in MomentPath

Conducting sleep checks in MomentPath has never been easier! Whether you are conducting a sleep check for a state requirement or just to check on your kiddos while they nap, you can now quickly conduct a sleep check in the MomentPath mobile app!

1. Log in to the mobile app and tap on the “+” button to post a new moment

2. Select the sleep moment.

3. Tag the children who are sleeping. For this example, I choose to tag my whole class, the Sunfish. Then, fill out any applicable fields and save the moment.

4. On the Now screen, you will now see a section called “Who’s Asleep”. Anyone you just tagged in the sleep moment will now appear in this section. Each child has a “Sleep check” and “End sleep” button. If you tap on the sleep check button, you will have the option to document their sleep position. If you wish to simply log the sleep check without choosing a position you can hold down on the "Sleep Check" button.

Sleep timer:

  • 2 minutes before a child’s sleep check is due, the bar beside their name will turn yellow
  • When the sleep check is past due, the bar beside their name will turn red
  • Each child will have an indicator to show when their next sleep check should occur.

5. A new feature allows you to document the sleep position when you click the “Sleep Check” option. You will be presented with three options, “Back”, “Left Side”, “Right Side, or “Tummy”. As stated above, if you wish to only perform a sleep check you can press and hold the "Sleep Check" button.

6. If you select the “End sleep” button, you will be presented with three options. You may select “End sleep”, “Did not sleep”, or “Sat quietly”.

7. Once you end a sleep moment for the child, they will be removed from the Now section on your app. If you need to make a change to the child’s moment, you can do so by editing their sleep moment on their profile.

Click here to learn more about configuring your sleep check interval

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Create a sleep moment and perform a sleep check

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